I was listening to Jonathan McReynolds song Cycles on YouTube today.

My sister shared it with me and it reminded me of how complicated we make our situation by concentrating on what we used to do, who we used to be, and how we let our past define us.

God wants us to unlock our past so we can let it go. We walk in circles wondering why things won’t change when all the while not knowing we have made a false doctrine we live by instead of looking toward the one who created us.

If you’re in a place right now where you feel stuck this is for you.

You have been in a place mentally where you feel locked down. You have had some success in moving forward when all of a sudden old memories creep in. Things people have said to you, uncontrollable situations where you were forced to give into that you have carried for a long time. These could even be things you have never shared with anyone. God says it is time to let go. God says he wants you to release these to Him. He wants you to bind them and loose His Grace upon your life. He wants you to loose confidence, forgiveness, love, and hope into your life.

God is waiting for you to place all of these things at the alter and live for Him.

This will reach someone today. I declare and decree you are no longer held down by the past. I decree and declare you will walk in the light and be a light for others. You will no longer think as you used to think or feel the way you used to feel. Your life is different today. Your created value has been revealed! Live in this revelation!

You will no longer live in cycles. You are free!

Amen….All Glory to God!


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