Faith in Yourself and Him

It isn’t faith in yourself that sees you through. It is faith in God. Faith in yourself will get you only so far but it pales in comparison to what the Father has in store for you.

Your wildest dreams are miniscule in comparison to what God has planned if you open your mind, your heart, your eyes, and read The Gospel.

Spend time getting to know Him and it will open doors you never knew existed.

I spent a lot of time chasing Motivational Speeches or quotes. I spent the majority of my mornings looking for the next great quote so I could make it another day until God found me and saved me from the rat race. I would seek approval and try to keep up with everyone else. Now I spend my days in the word and in prayer understanding no one owes me anything. God sees me for my created value and if I let my light so shine amoung men they will see His glory. I am a city on a hill.

What I have discovered is once I stopped letting everyone else determine my worth and placed my eyes on who God says I am, I no longer needed attention or approval. I no longer needed to be recognized and sought after. I just wanted to be love and live in love and lead others to Him.


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