Your Priorities and Your Soundtrack

You can’t choose Joy. You can only choose your priorities. Your priorities will ultimately dictate your joy.

The source of your joy determines how long it’ll last. That is where your priorities come into play. What you focus on becomes your reality.

If it doesn’t produce truth or life, it isn’t from God.

Do not settle for partial joy. Do not allow someone else to control the soundtrack of your life.

When you give the wrong priorities your attention whatever is driving the car (the outside force) gets to DJ. If you allow some backseat DJs to control the music you miss out on the amazing symphony God is orchestrating.

Sometimes people want to argue about things that they don’t agree about instead of working together on the things that they do agree about.

Don’t live out your life from tradition. Tradition is where you come from (your background, how you were raised)and it is controlling the volume of your soundtrack and what you are listening to dictates your priorities.

Break traditional thinking and start living out your truth. It will allow you to embrace your own vibe and get you in tune with the soundtrack God has set out for you. You will develop ears to hear and the sound will leave an everlasting impression on the rest of your life.

May God direct your steps, tune you into your personal soundtrack, and lead you in the direction of your purpose. Stay in faith and walk it out!

Amen and Amen!


5 thoughts on “Your Priorities and Your Soundtrack

  1. Wonderful post. Thank you. My family has called me a rebel all my life and now they just think I am weird. Only Christian in the family so to them I guess I am weird. very sad. I like being weird for Christ. I think it makes Him smile.

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    1. Allow yourself to be you without apology because He says we will fall into condemnation and ridicule for His sake. The good news is all of this is temporary and we are storing up treasures in Heaven by following a Kingdom mindset not a corporate mindset. You will always land on your feet when you seek first the Kingdom of God!

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