My Evening Blessing (A Devotional Prayer)

Father, as we lay our heads down tonight please lead us in our slumber to gain knowledge and wisdom for our lives for furthering our purpose on this Earth.

We were created for a reason and I ask Father for you to reveal that to us so we may continue to be led in the direction for which we were created. I pray for our Government. I pray for our leaders. I pray for the brilliant minds of those who research and develop cures for diseases that by your Divine Mercy they would create solutions as they grow closer to you and develop cures for what ails us.

I thank you Lord for your grace and for the opportunity to wake up everyday. I thank you for friendships both old and new. I thank you for family. I thank you for this day and ask you to watch over those who have lost loved ones over the past few days. I am grateful, hopeful, and humble before you as I pen this prayer under the belief and faith to know you will prevail over all evil and lead us all as we navigate this life.

Thank you Father for allowing us to love you with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Thank you for loving us, being love, allowing for trials and small victories that help us develop character, obedience, patience, and humility.

You are the Lord my God and I praise you through it all.

In Jesus Mighty name I pray.


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