Microphones and Microscopes



Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?

Most of the time we get overwhelmed with information and based on our perception of the situation and our perspective we become passionate and with conviction deliver our message.

The true issue is we all have a microphone in one hand and a microscope in the other.

Everyone wants to be right but no one (I should say a minimal few) wants to listen.
We are more interested in proving a point and placing blame than we are in finding common ground and coming to a collective agreed upon solution.

We preach from our individual pulpits and grab our microscopes to diagnose what others respond so we can perform our mic drop response.

It’s ok to speak and have a response. I am in favor of people speaking their minds as they form their own opinions.

Let’s do our due diligence and research then turn the mic down and put away our microscope and really have good dialogue.

It is in our best interest to broaden our focus from a singular concentrated belief and allow objectivity to help steer our course of action to open for new avenues of thought.

Simply put if you continue to think and believe the same way you have been your entire you will never grow, you will never prosper, you will never change.

We were not created to stay the same.

Open your mind and heart to the notion we were all created for something better.

God bless you guys!

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