A Word

I feel called to serve.  I feel called to a greater purpose.  Let not your heart grow weary but trust in the Lord your God.  Dive deep, lean in, put all your trust in Him.

Days will go by quickly with idle hands and minds spinning out of control.  Deception is your enemy.  Don’t turn a blind eye to it.  Don’t allow it to become a stepping stone no a stone which grows into a barricade for your well being and purpose.  Have not your own thoughts and false whispers put you in a state of confusion and doubt.  Do not listen with your undiscerning ears.

Turn to the word.  The word is from God and of God and is God.

Truth will come to those who ask and seek my face.  Love will prevail where sadness has reared its ugly head.  Your time is coming and has now come to be all in.  Don’t just stand up and stand still.  Move now.  Take action.  Trust in me.  Follow my ways and in my ways you will find the hope, purity, fulfillment, and freedom you seek.

Stronger, better, more equipt, and wise.  Take those steps you have always wanted to take.  Encourage others to see in this way and hope will turn from darkness to light.  You will see things from a perspective not your own for you were never meant to see this way.  Your veiled eyes be freed to see more than just face value.

Turn away from vices and step into your destiny. So sayeth the Lord. 

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