What would it be like?

Billions of stars envelop the sky
Trillions of grains are the sand.

All of these things were created by you.
Every detail refined by your hands.

All creatures momentous to quite miniscule.Your creations amazing to see.
And in all of these things your divinity  formed I am humbled you created me.

Every detail you placed into forming the hills.  Every mountain and valley below.

In the midst of your artistry you thought out methodically “I know who I want him to be”

What would it be like to be in your presence? 

What would I say/would I do?

Would I sing out your praises?
Would I fall to my knees?
Would I cry out in reverence of you?

You are the maker of all things my Father. None are as awesome as you.

The author of strength, peace, kindness, and hope. Your sword will strike honest and true. 

What would it be like?

Only time will reveal.

May your righteousness dwell within me.

When my time finally comes and my hour is at hand
I can dwell with you eternally.

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