Out of The Mouths of Babes

I took my daughter who just so happens to be 5 to the dollar store with me tonight where she decided to spend her tooth fairy money.

Before I get into the story, I just wanted to say how much joy and love and hope is in this little girls heart. I am always blown away by her perspective and insight.

We get in the car and she gets herself situated in her seat. She buckles herself in because that’s what big girls do and has her unicorn purse clutched tight between her fingers and the palms of both her hands. She says she needs to hold onto it so no one takes her money. We go in and she browses around carefully perusing each aisle to see what she wants to purchase. She tells me not to forget to get cups so we can make the special jello vanilla pudding with graham cracker crumbs and gummies. She finds a $20 fold out Unicorn chair and says it is like Sissy’s chair but with unicorns and decided that is what she was going to buy. We check out and she lugs her brand new chair out to the car. She climbs in and buckles herself once again because that’s what big girls do and we leave.

As we were driving she says, “Daddy we should get home soon so we don’t have to worry about the Corona Virus but I’m not worried anyway…..Daddy did you know God loves us so much? He is our Dad and it doesn’t matter if you are older…like a grandma or a pappy… we are all his kids…we are daughters and sons and I think that’s really cool. That’s why I don’t worry….God doesn’t want us to be sick or die”

As a parent I always think about the influence we have on our children and hope we are doing what is best to help them realize who God made them to be.

This moment reminded me that in all the shortcomings and unnecessary worry God is still doing a work in our home. Praise God to Him be all the glory!

2 thoughts on “Out of The Mouths of Babes

    1. Jesus said we should approach the Bible in this way. I agree with you in every way and I appreciate you taking the time to consistently read my Ringerisms! May God bless you today and everyday 🙏🙌


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