Sometimes I Feel Like a Failure

Sometimes I feel like a complete failure.

I will be the first to admit I have made mistakes and choices in my life which have hindered my progress and damaged my relationships with others.

I have said things I don’t mean, agreed with things to avoid conflict, talked badly about someone behind their back, and said things and done things to gain acceptance from others.

I believe none of us are diviod of our shortcomings. We have all, at one point of another, made a poor decision which in turn lead to a less than desirable conclusion.

We have patterned a behavior of self seeking and less than agreeable desire in order to fit in, deflect, find acceptance, or avoid confrontation.

Let me ask you something.

Since when did any of the above end well for any one of us?

What I have discovered through all of these experiences is there is a difference between making a mistake and making a choice.

The result of making a mistake is acknowledging you were wrong and apologizing for your actions.

It is typically something that falls outside your general character and integrity and something you will no longer partake in once the apology is made.

Making a bad choice is quite a different experience and one which not only requires an apology but also demands you recognize what you have done and ask for forgiveness.

This, my friends, is what I was referring to when I mentioned a pattern of behavior. It is a repetitive pattern brought about and driven by fear, doubt, shame, self loathing, condemnation, etc…

The question you have to ask yourself is what happened to get you to this point in your life?

Is it generational? Is it brought about by a traumatic event? Who do you have to forgive? What series of events have brought you to this place? How do you move forward?

Everything in your life to this point has made you who you are and the good news is you can change it from this moment forward by making a conscious choice to change.

Decide to forgive. Decide to be happy. Decide to treat yourself/others differently. Decide to find healing.

Decide that your path today doesn’t have to include the cyclical patterns you have been caught up in over the past few years.

Your life isn’t over. Your life isn’t at a stand still. Your life isn’t stuck in a complacent cycle filled with fear, doubt, anxiety, financial hardships, or bad relationships.

One good decision can negate several negative choices.

You were not put on this Earth to be put in one place, doing one thing, living a mundane existence, and gifting your complacency to the next generation.

You were made to shine.

You were made to change a life.

You were made to create, to love, to express yourself, to share your gifts, to help others, and to become greater today than you were yesterday.

Will you make mistakes? Yes. Will you fail sometimes? Yes. Will you disappoint people? Yes.

Will you get back up when it does go that way?

That is your decision to make.

Here’s the thing:

You will succeed more than you fail.

You will love more than you lose.

You will help more than you will hinder.

You have been created to do great things. You have been commissioned to be an expression of love. You have been molded and fashioned in such a way as to be a light in this world. Let it shine. Your past decisions have only been preparation for what happens going forward as long as you are willing to grow from your experiences. Have a blessed day and may God guide your steps!

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