Two Voices

“I’m tired”

The phrase that I utter when I am thinking too much or when doubt and fear or worry enter my mind.

Does anyone else do this?

When these thoughts enter my mind I also hear another voice. It is one of encouraging words or phrases. It is the one whispering my value and my worth and telling me the truth about who I am.

We were collectively made to stand out. We were created to be an expressed portrayal of God’s Love.

The most valuable phrase I have heard was said by one of my favorite pastors Dan Mohler.

He said, “The one thing I can rely on is I can wake up everyday knowing nobody owes me a thing and I don’t owe them anything other than to be an expression of God’s love.”

He said we were born to shine.

Have you ever noticed when someone is seeking negative attention they are the loudest voice in the room?

I cannot say this strongly enough:

Do not give the loud voice more attention than you do the one that whispers how loved you are….

Love is not always the loudest but it’s long term impact on your soul will be the greatest gift you have ever received.

Stay blessed!

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